Ozzy is responsible for my heavy metal fandom

Perhaps someone reading this blog remembers back in the day when MTV actually played music videos and heavy metal was part of their regular rotation. As a young child in the 80s, I was constantly glued to MTV. One of my earliest memories involves the music and image of Ozzy Osbourne. To be perfectly honest, he scared the ever-living shit out of me. But, for some reason, I was drawn to his videos and the songs were like nothing I’d ever heard before. His video for the song “Bark At The Moon” was terrifying but regardless, I would stop whatever I was doing at that particular moment to watch it…and I loved it.

So, here it is.

Long live the Ozzman.

Goat…Simulator? I’M IN!

Alright, so I’m not a huge gamer by any means but this seems pretty weird and also looks like a ton of fun.

Goat Simulator Heading to Steam – IGN.

The comments on this article are pretty funny as well, with one quoting Steam saying that folks are better off spending their money elsewhere than on the simulator.



I’m not sure where I’m going with this one here.

I guess this is more of a rant than anything else. Or something. After watching the Super Bowl last weekend, I am officially sick and tired of celebrities.

Sorry hunny, but you’re just not worth my time.
I don’t care about Justin Bieber’s recent brushes with the law, Beyonce’s “racy” Grammy performance, what kind of crack Whitney Houston smoked or how many times a day Brad Pitt takes a dump. It seems that American media enjoys shoving these tidbits of useless facts and information down our throats. The worst part about it all is that most people are dumb enough to pay attention to these things and ignore the truly ugly and fucking ignorant things that take place in THE REAL WORLD everyday.


Before this entry turns into some big and long-winded pile of garbage, I’m going to end it.

Fuck THE PRESS, Hollywood and all of the half-head dumb sheep fuckers who are too busy being ignorant and pathetic to take a look at the outside world for a moment. Now, if you’ll excuse me, there are photos of cute puppies and kittens that need to be looked at.

Arckanum: The Best One Man Black Metal Band?

Maybe not THE best, but certainly up there in the Top 10 of one man metal acts. Just take my word, okay? Or, have a listen to the track posted below and make your own opinion.

Taken from last.fm:

Arckanum is a musical project from Sweden that plays what many label “black metal”. Johan “Shamaatae” Lahger is the sole musician and started this particular project in 1992. The musician has certain philosophical views that might be described as “chaos-gnosticism”, of which inspire the sounds.

To this date, besides a number of demos, splits and EPs, Arckanum has released eight full-length albums:
– Fran Marder (1995)
– Kostogher (1997)
– Kampen (1998)
– Antikosmos (2008)
– Sviga Læ (2010)
– Helvítismyrkr (2011)
– Fenris kindir (2013)

Pa. man who tortured dog can still own animals, judge rules

When will the people that do these horrible things be treated like the criminals they are? How many more animals have to endure such abuse because monsters like this guy get a slap on the wrist? Bullshit.


Photo Courtesy: Divine Destiny Rescue, Inc.


A man who tortured a dog will still be allowed to own animals, a Pennsylvania judge said Thursday.

Russell Seese, 27, of Greentown, received a brief prison sentence and was fined last year after he admitted to police that he used duct tape to bind his Labrador-pit bull mix pup’s front and back legs, as well as her muzzle, before placing her in a dirty chicken coop with no food or water, the Pocono Record reported.

The dog suffered traumatic injuries, and court papers said Seese “intended to destroy the dog with a firearm,” the paper reported.

The Pike County District Attorney’s office pressed county Judge Joseph Kameen to prohibit Seese from owning any animal and getting a job involving animals for two years. But Seese’s attorney, Wielaw Niemoczynski, said the animal ban was extreme because his client didn’t have a history…

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Metal Albums With Googly Eyes

I seriously can’t believe someone has taken the time to do this but hell, people will post ANYTHING on the internet these days, right? On that note, I can’t wait to take a trip to my local arts and craft store so that I may purchase some googly eyes to create masterpieces with.

In case you couldn’t tell by now, I’m easily amused.



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